Ownin' it

We are the parent company of a couple of subsidiaries in the creative and design industries. Our goal is to design and grow trough curiosity.

We're curious - in both senses of the word.

Some say we’re a bitt odd - we say that we’re curious. In both senses of the word. Interested and curious to know more, to learn, develop and to create better things. Curious in the sense that we think a bit different and we don’t really follow the ”how things should be done, just because we’ve always done like this” -way. Actually, we often do the opposite. Consistently, inconsistent. In a good way.

We believe that curiosity is the key to all great businesses, concepts and design. We work trough our different business areas and companies in the family but sometimes also by partnering with ambitious external organisations for great projects.

Investing in creativity to make life better

We believe in the power of creativity to make life better for people around the world. That’s why we work with starting, helping and developing creative businesses, concepts and projects that make a positive difference and a true impact.

Passion over profit
We’d rather our businesses break even than run a company that isn’t enjoyable to work at. Profit is important ,  it provides long term security , but we will not compromise the quality of our work or make ourselves miserable in pursuit of financial gain.

Do you have an exciting project or business?
We're on constant lookout for interesting stuff happening in the world. Ideas and tips are much appreciated.


Nordic, European and citizens of planet Earth.

We're nordic by heart, with a strong passion for Europe and citizens of planet Earth - with the will to make our globe a better place to be, grow and create.

Our hub is in the Nordics and we have been lucky to work with projects in nearly all Nordic countries (nothing in Iceland, yet) and all over Europe.


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